Biased Cut was created with one goal in mind: to bring affordable, custom fit shirts to customers, without compromising style and quality.

Everyone should be awarded the pleasure of wearing a tailor made shirt – not just those fortunate enough to have their own personal tailors.  Growing up on off-the-rack shirts ourselves, we understand the frustrations for men of all sizes,from baggy waists to armhole circumferences better suited for tree stumps to European cuts that leave top buttons holding on for dear life.  Men shouldn’t have to hunt for a brand that they fit – the brand should fit them. The thrill of buttoning up your made to measure shirt is addictive, and the disappointment of returning to an ill-fitted, off-the-rack shirt is all too real.

Biased Cut understands the current shirting options available to discerning men, and we provide the best aspect of each of them. Our shirts provide the fit of custom clothing, and the design style of the latest fashion leaders, while maintaining the price of traditional brick and mortar retailers.  While some features of our shirt are customizable (collar and cuffs, for example), many are not.  Too many choices for the customer is overwhelming – leave it to us to follow fashion trends while keeping within classic sartorial rules.

All of our shirts are made to order, and styles are limited in quantity.  This means no two shirts will ever be the same.  Our inventory is frequently updated with new fabrics , so check back often.

Biased Cut shirts embody a lifestyle of individualism even within the average workday – or the regular social event, for that matter. As you go seamlessly from work to play, you’ll stand out from either crowd with confidence, be it the one at the office or the one at the local bar where you relax with your whiskey in hand. So here’s to a stylish take on a classic shirt. One biased experience – yours.