Construction Quality

Mother of Pearl buttons
All Biased Cut custom shirts have mother of pearl buttons that are imported from Japan, then hand selected and applied to ensure consistency in color and quality.

Sturdy buttonholes
A quality shirt usually uses 85-95 stitches per button hole, but Biased Cut uses nearly double that amount – 160 stitches – to ensure secure stitching during laundering and normal wear and tear.

quality-temp1Modern technology and traditional tailoring
After Biased Cut receives your measurements, our experienced head tailor in Hong Kong uses the help of computer software to precisely cut the patterns to ensure 99.5% accuracy.  The patterns are then hand sewn by tailors whose past experience includes several renown luxury brands.  This process ensures precise fit and superb pattern matching between the various parts of the shirt.

Four piece collar enhances both durability and comfort
Biased Cut custom shirts are constructed with a four piece collar.  This type of collar holds its shape better than its two piece counterpart after multiple washings.  In addition to their durability, four piece collars also conform better to the contours of the neck.

Discreet Monograms
Biased Cut provides optional free monogram service for every shirt.  The initials are monogrammed on the top end of the placket at the elbow/forearm area to bring a discreet but personal and unique touch to each shirt.

High stitches-to-inch to ensure durability
Most quality shirts have stitches-per-inch ranging from 12 to 16, but Biased Cut commits to an even higher quality – 20, to be exact – in the construction of our shirts.  This means maximum durability and excellent detailing.